Interruption-free inboxes for teams that value deep work

Is your team constantly bombarded by email?

Make more time for work that matters

  • Batch incoming email at specific times throughout the workday.
  • Send outgoing mail without the distraction of new messages.
  • Reclaim the focus and attention that email is stealing.

Sound interesting? 🤔

We're currently in beta testing. We're looking for teams of 2-5 that use Gmail and like trying new things. Free for 2 weeks and $25 / month after that.

Is email really a problem?

You're losing a lot of time

Work takes longer when you're fighting email interruptions. Your team may be wasting 25% of their time right now and not even realize it.

What could you accomplish with that time?

Email addiction is real

15% of all employees are addicted to checking their email. Promote better mental health for your team by protecting against bad email habits and higher stress levels.

Isn't work hard enough as it is?

Anyone can get overwhelmed by their inbox

The average office worker receives over 120 emails per day. If your team is writing code or designing something important, the last place you want them to be hanging out is in their inbox. Tim Ferriss famously wrote about checking email only twice a day in The 4-hour Workweek as a strategy for being more productive.

Why? Because it works.

Pretty crazy, right? 🤯

Wondering if your team could benefit? Try Snailbox free for 2 weeks and find out. No credit card required, cancel any time.

How does it work?

Set your schedule

Pick the days and times you want to get email.

Learn three simple buttons

Turn mail holding on, off, or deliver mail immediately.

Simple enough? 🤔

You'll be up and running with Snailbox in minutes. Try it today and see if it works for your team.